I’m super excited to have four of my earlier poems in Down in the Dirt, an excellent lit journal, also publishing previously published works.

Interestingly, I was first notified they’d accepted two, but then I sent a follow up letter with two additional poems saying although I know they don’t want the rhyme in their magazine, I’ll take my chances, knowing that the one that rhymes here and there is a good one, and assuring them that when I use it, though rarely, I do it for a good reason, never for the sake of the rhyme itself.

So, persistence pays off.

You can read my poems here, here, here and here.


This month’s Visual Verse photo prompt was not only challenging but also spoke to me on a very personal level. The only way I could respond to it was by drawing on my experience as someone who had taken part in peaceful protests in Serbia in response to electoral fraud in the winter of 1996/97. It was cold and times were tough so it came as no surprise that many people connected. Apart from subversive badges, demonstrators who didn’t have a partner back then were often wearing badges saying: Looking for a boy-/girlfriend, So green but haven’t been picked/sprayed yet (with a picture of a green apple on it) and so on. There was a guy who got pretty popular at the time because of the banner he was carrying: Just hang in there a little longer. I’m about to find a girlfriend.

Having all this in mind, I’m more than excited that my poem found a home here.


today I hate people with exuberant smiles
and a lighthearted disposition
people lavish in their praise and profuse in thanks
today I don’t accept apologies
I don’t need analogies
today I hate full pages of your lives in technicolor
abundantly illustrated with exclamation marks
today I hate your priceless
memories, porcelain compliments and
your time flying like space rockets
today I hate your plastic Jesus on the mantelpiece
I hate your starry skies and
wave height forecasts in the Pacific
today I hate your piquant dreams and spotless family values
your impenetrable woods and busty secretaries
with an aging obsession
today I hate ha-ha anecdotes and phrases
degenerating to clichés
today I hate cut-and-dried dialogues and
unnecessary fireworks
today I hate obvious truths
today I hate myself
(remind me why you love me today)


* Originally published at Morality Park