Tell the story challenge

Damn those challenges! Though I’m always pressed for time, I can’t resist a good one, especially when it’s visual. I was challenged by lovely Kim whose blog I Tripped Over a Stone, which, among other things, helps us understand her everyday struggle with fibromyalgia, is a must. Along the way, you’ll get to know a charismatic person, a fighter, a lifelong learner and a great writer, who, if you’re lucky like myself, you will be honored to call a friend.


Here you go, my dear. Hope you’ll like it.

pic sword.PNG



Before the light faded behind western
hills, Mama told me of ferocious
animals that hunt for a living, much worse
than earthly dragons and water demons
some swear on their lives to have seen

she said i’d meet fierce-looking
monsters in not so legendary a form
hiding in the darkest corners with
their corked mouths and balls of fire
snarling and snapping at me

when you see them, imagine wearing
a deep blue hood the color of ripe plums
over your head as deadly as a long
sword-like extension of your upper jaw
to frighten the demons away


I challenge three ladies who I think the world of, both as human beings and writers:

Basilike (Silent Hour)

Angela (Heart Breathings)

Susan (Stories From the Edge of Blindness)


My photo prompt for the challenge:



The genre is entirely up to you. To quote Kim, there’s no time restraints on this. Do it if you can, I’ll wait, no problem!