An adrenaline-seeking town dressed in red and white
runs down the cobblestone streets like a hungry river

in the fierce heat of the Mediterranean sun
enraged bulls show no mercy

to those who slip and fall
who slip and fall

a ruthless wolf pack in San Fermin
with days passing between feedings

locates, singles out
and stalks

its prey from a distance
staying out of sight until it’s ready to attack

not a deer, not a moose
not a bison, not an elk

but a beaver, feeble and sightless,
breathing the air of placid sufficiency

opportunistic feeders, unable to retain saliva
within their mouths, circle and test before

bringing the victim to the ground
the conquest of paradise

the animal does not die of blood loss or shock
but of shame



Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin'

49 thoughts on “CORRIDA DE TOROS”

    1. I think I’m at my best when I respond to injustices and wrongdoings, which was the case here. The use of personification was actually reality. Sorry it had to be wolves, Wulf; they called themselves the wolf pack.

      The incident which happened during the San Fermin bull-running festival made me angry and sad, especially after reading that all of them were acquitted of rape.

      Thank you. I appreciate it, as always.

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      1. I had a feeling. I am not offended nor hurt that you used it. It is sad to say, but that doesn’t surprise me they would take the name for such a majestic animal and twist it so. Further shows their ignorance and brutality.

        This is just so brilliant. I still can’t believe you waited this long to write poetry. It is in you. Deeply embedded.

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      2. Exactly. Homo homini lupus.
        Thanks again. I’m thrilled that you liked it and that you keep supporting me.

        I thought I wasn’t cut out for writing poetry. But then, I was in junior high when I last tried. I grew up in the meantime, and all the experience and the things I’ve read led to this new addiction. Now, I can’t live without. Poetry is everywhere I turn. Everything’s a potential story. Now that is brilliant.

        Thank you so much. I like to think that as well. This is who I am.

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      3. I believe a lot of us didn’t truly find ourselves until later. Who we were is not who we are. I also believe who we are now is truly beautiful, and I consider myself lucky for meeting the real you.

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      4. Beautifully written poem. I have never been to the San Fermin festival (if you can call this a festival). I could not stand such brutality against the bulls. The judicial procedure after that poor girl was raped by five guys in 2016 is shameful and shows Spain has become an authoritarian regime resurrecting Francoist dictatorial traits. Look at what they did to us, Catalans, for just wanting to vote on October 1:

        And I posted this on October 9:

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      5. Thank you.
        It is a festival and I too despise such brutality against animals.
        I know what’s been going on in Spain, and, as I said on your blog, the referendum was a human rights issue. However, politics and human rights often don’t go hand in hand.

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