today I hate people with exuberant smiles
and a lighthearted disposition
people lavish in their praise and profuse in thanks
today I don’t accept apologies
I don’t need analogies
today I hate full pages of your lives in technicolor
abundantly illustrated with exclamation marks
today I hate your priceless
memories, porcelain compliments and
your time flying like space rockets
today I hate your plastic Jesus on the mantelpiece
I hate your starry skies and
wave height forecasts in the Pacific
today I hate your piquant dreams and spotless family values
your impenetrable woods and busty secretaries
with an aging obsession
today I hate ha-ha anecdotes and phrases
degenerating to clichés
today I hate cut-and-dried dialogues and
unnecessary fireworks
today I hate obvious truths
today I hate myself
(remind me why you love me today)


* Originally published at Morality Park

Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin' www.bloggingwithbojana.com


  1. I accept your challenge, Bojana!

    Today I love you for your bluntness.

    In other posts I loved you for the way you preserve the precious moments with your son.

    A few weeks ago I loved you for how you shared a troubled time in your country with a mix of historical events and personal confusion and suffering.

    I also love how you were the first person to see value in muy blog.

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    1. So glad!
      Aixa, you’re one of the most generous people I know, caring, loving, supportive…
      I love you for all that, besides your wit and intelligence. You, along with one more person, are my favorite travel blogger. You guys are beyond compare.

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  2. How do you continue to do this? Every phrase. Every line is so perfect. You set me up and move me like some piece on a chessboard. I am helpless to you and your words and wishes. Then…just when and why I think you have me where I am, you pick me up by my hair and drop me somewhere else.

    Just fucking wow!!!!!

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      1. Not sure you really want to see that.

        Yes, you definitely preserve your handwriting!!! And there is no greater feeling than writing something as perfect as this poem, and enjoying the process at the same time.

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  3. I love you because you hate the abundance of exclamation marks; because you say things like bummer; because you are a pessimist, and don’t believe in nonsense about the kindness of the universe of all beings.
    I love you because your writings about the war had something to tell me, and I didn’t like it, so it was important to hear it. And because I find you intelligent.

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    1. God, what do I do with so many expressions of love today? My ego will be doing great for quite some time, unless it bursts today.
      I think we love each other’s work, besides personalities, because we are uncompromising and are not scared or embarrassed of showing how we feel about the world, people inhabiting it and ourselves, however bad it might be.
      Truth is beauty, beauty is truth. Simple as that.
      Thanks B. A lot. 😘

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      1. I happen to think the poetic talent is the rarest of all in the field of arts, but you definitely have it, and in your second language. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I will check out the others after dinner…

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  4. I’m a realistic pessimist so I won’t be optimistic here, it’s not my nature, but just wanted to let you know it’s okay to not want to deal with the world for a while and to hate everything. It’s tiring pretending it’s all cool all the time. I love that about your, your honesty and independence in your writing.
    Caz 🌷

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  5. I know you hate apologies, but I am sorry I am a little late with my response. Our Internet was out yesterday, because our cable/Internet company just can’t do anything right! We all have days we hate everything and might love much. It is okay to have these feelings. I have the hate days often, but when I do I am SO silent because I have absolutely nothing nice to say! I have found that lately I do not really like people because people are often SO fake! I hate fake people because I think keeping things real is WAY more important! I honestly LOVE how real and truthful you are and I do wish more people were like you! I appreciate and value the fact that you are always YOU and never try being someone else. You are a very amazing woman, but please know nothing I say to you will ever be fake as I keep everything 100% real!! Thank you for this very honest post. I hope you have a nice evening and a relaxing weekend!

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      1. You are welcome!! Yes, let’s toast to the real us and hate all those phoney people out there!!

        I am happy to be the real me and being part of your life, I am thankful for the real truthful you being in my life as well!!

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  6. Hello, Bojana! I Love You. I think No Reasons are necessary. Yet, I Love You because, like You, I too do not like the way Jesus has been ‘Plasticised.’ In a world which is 90% fad, fake and phony, You have preserved Your ‘Purity.’ …Jesus must have had You in mind when He spoke the Beatitudes. …To end, I do not ‘hate,’ but AM Tired! 😦 🙂

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  7. Good morning and “no thanks” for this utterly disgusting and depressing article, my dear Bo. When you contacted me form your Mommy’s house in Serbia yesterday and scolded me for not not “catching up” with your writings ( how can I possibly even fathom to read all your Old Testament-James Joyce-G.K. Chesterton profligate outpourings, eh?) I was sincerely hoping to read a nice racconto of your childhood in that familiar setting, including some reference to your Mommy’s delicious cooking. But no, you had to forward this grossly negative piece of intellectual resentment. And to top it all,you offended religious people like moi with your “hate your plastic Jesus” line. How come you didn’t insult Pope Francis too since you were at it. Well, there you have it. My opinion. If you wanted to piss me off, you succeeded.
    A big kiss to your Mommy (tell her to save some casserole dish for moi). And nothing for you. Ha.Ha.Ha. Arrivederci.

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    1. Hello.
      Ftr, I did mention Pope Francis too for the most obnoxious things he does but you obviously didn’t read that poem. Plastic Jesus is a metaphor which I have no intention of explaining. You either understand it or don’t. As for my writing, it expresses my opinions and attitudes and I have no intention of apologizing to anyone.
      If you want to read about cooking, you have to search for other sites. Yoy won’t find that here.
      I noticed my prose and the plights my coutry and I had to go through don’t interest you much since you stopped reading them a long time ago. I’m not an entertainer. I am a critical thinker. If my writing spoils your mood, don’t read me. Reality is what interests me, not happily ever after.
      So long.

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  8. Ha! This was such a wonderful and delightful read – every single line brought a smile!! I think you hit almost everything! LOL! Those days are days when you revel in your anger and disgust! And then the feeling gets wiped away with a double arm hug and a sweet kiss and whisper in your ear from your beloved that makes you surrender the anger and just savor a moment of bliss!!!! Thanks for such a great post a seed of inspiration!!!

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      1. Ha! You crack me up! I think sometimes you are very right. More like wandering around in the desert for 40 years before finally finding the promised land??? Keep on your journey and you will find smooth sailing! It took me 50 years and finally finding my soulmate in my 3rd wife to change life for me – it was worth the wait!! LOL!

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  9. Thank you for reading my post. I like this post of yours. I read it a days ago and liked it and didn’t comment because I didn’t have anything to say that I thought would help. I don’t know if you are still feeling low. But you helped me by reading my post, even someone who shares Jesus that some may think is really plastic. You lifted up my mood by liking my post and I thank you for that.

    You have handed me a rose, and some of the fragrance is still on your hands. (Chinese proverb)

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    1. Your faith is genuine, James. Plastic belief was directed to those who profess to be believers but in reality are not.
      I didn’t have a bad day. That’s my exaggerated reaction to such a world.
      Feeling better since on vacation, thank for asking. I don’t have time for commenting much, but I do read.

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