My son B. may be the spitting image of his dad but he definitely takes after me with his short-temperateness, determination, perseverance (or stubbornness?) and reluctance to make concessions. 2.5 seconds he needs to go from ‘What a beautiful world’ to ‘I want to smash everything, especially your head’ has been a sign that couldn’t be denied by anyone, his mom in particular. However, whereas we tend to get upsfunet pretty quickly, it may take us ages to cool down. Everybody knows that and over the time they have learned the tricks to cool off, unlike us.

If we’re tired or stressed, we tend to get irritable pretty fast, whining about and to the world so better get used to it.

When somebody pisses us off…what do you want us to say?! Run and hide.

We are drama queens. (OK, I am. Mom can’t beat me.) So what?!

Being impatient is second nature to us and it’s incurable, mom says. Long (or short) lines at the supermarket, closed ice-cream shops, and hunger lasting more than 5 seconds are not our thing. The ‘if my fruit smoothie doesn’t wait for me as soon as I open my eyes, I’ll scream’ type of reaction is quite common. Trust us, everything’s negotiable (sort of), except an empty tummy. When we’re hungry, we bite and you’re the guilty one. So don’t come near us. That is, you may approach the bench provided you have that smoothie or milk shake. Make it quick and warm.

We’re cranky long after we wake up. Just shut your mouth and stop breathing. It’ll pass…in a couple of hours. (Who’s impatient now?!)

We like to tease just for fun (not to make you angry) so don’t freak out every time and don’t you dare raise your voice. We’re highly sensitive to high-pitched sounds.

Try not to make us laugh or, even worse, make fun of us when we’re annoyed and busy throwing a tantrum. You’ll make it worse and then you’ll be sorry. Very sorry. I’m better at ruining the world around me, meaning pens, pencils, phones, books, mom and dad’s stuff, toys, nothing is safe when something doesn’t go my way. Mom, on the other hand, is not prone to smashing objects around the house (though she could definitely use an anger room), but is much better at holding a grudge than me.

The bad thing about us is that we never actually know when exactly our trigger might go off, nor can we remember at all times what/who hurt us in the first place. Be that as it may, hardly anybody can beat us at being mad for hours. Mom says we’re just uncompromising.

Though we are generally sociable and talkative, we appreciate our alone time and silence. If we don’t feel like talking, don’t ask us questions. If we need your company, entertain us. Our refusal to be cooperative or cheerful is temporary. It could however turn into a long-lasting (not to say permanent) thing unless you (learn to) read the instructions clearly written on our faces.

We are terribly stubborn and might see things differently sometimes, which means we’ll eventually do whatever makes us happy (though often others miserable).

We rarely feel guilty for losing our temper ‘for no reason,’ as you call it. You see, we strongly believe that every ‘why’ has its ‘because.’

Many have given us anger management tips, suggesting yoga, meditation and counting to 10 but we think that kick boxing is more in line with our character.

When we’re in distress, you better steer clear of us. It’ll pass (maybe soon, maybe never). Go on pampering us, playing us Peppa Pig and feeding us. What are you waiting for? A thank you card?

We love our mom and have strong separation anxiety, crying every time she leaves. Show some understanding when we can’t come down.

If you don’t do anything when we’re not behaving sensibly, things may (will) go from bad to worse. Talk to us. Be there.

Though we are no strangers to sudden bouts of sullenness, we are generally enthusiastically fond of smiling and being happy.

Finally, we’re cuddly. When you see something’s not right, make sure you give us a comfort hug. The bottom line is all we need is love.

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Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin'

111 thoughts on “JOURNAL OF A MOM – SHORT FUSE”

      1. It’s a bizarrely exclusive club with numerous members, none of whom share any real common ground. Which explains why we invented ‘society’ and can’t seem to live within its confines!

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  1. I love these posts, Bojana! It is a look into yet another amazing facet of who you are and how you move through the world; in this case pretty much in tandem with B. I love that you see him and love him for who he is; you celebrate how you are alike and allow us to do the same by sharing with us. The more I know you, the more I love and adore you!!!!!! Now, somebody better go and get me a fucking milkshake before I get seriously cranky……great stubborn minds, my friend!!!!

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  2. I really love your stories with B! He sounds like an amazing little boy with a personality that goes on for days! Thank goodness my husband and I did not have children because there is no telling what a personality that child would have. My word we could not deal with another one of me or him and definitely not the combination!! I thank you for sharing these fun lovin’ stories, even though they might be a little frustrating to you they are adorable to read!

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  3. Well said. This especially made me laugh – “The bad thing about us is that we never actually know when exactly our trigger might go off…” haha. I haven’t seen my son in a month (except on Skype). Now I miss him even more.

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  4. You should write a book from B’s point of view, it would be fascinating, just like your posts about him are. You have a very unique and refreshing way of writing Bojana, and it always makes me smile! Now go make your kid a fucking smoothie! 😂

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  5. Good morning dear Bo. Did you miss me after all these days? I do. Just a tiny bit though. Well, let me see…I think I will defer the proper reading and commenting of this article, if you allow me. The title is just mind-boggling and I do not want to ruin my day. Today the Uruguayan team plays against the Frenchies and it’s going to be tough. so I am relaxing a little bit, reading the papers, peeping what my buddies are up to, and drinking mate amargo of course.
    Un grosso baccione. Arrivederci!

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  6. I have too much in common hahaha I blow up quickly but hen it’s out of my system forever. My triggers are when I’m tired, stressed or…. hungry haha. Fun post, Bojana

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    1. Shoot, Steve. You obviously didn’t see my begging not to be chosen for this challenge since I’m not at home and will be back at the end of Sept. Besides, I have a new laptop and not a single picture on it. Sorry.
      Maybe when I get back….maybe, ok?
      So, I guess you have to pick sb else now.


  7. Sounds like the typical American. I can’t judge other folks because the only other country that I have ever been to is Canada but even the last time I was there was in the mid 1990’s so really I can’t fairly give an assessment of them either. Come to think of it, I have been disabled since June of 2013 so I have done no traveling at all since then so guess I will have to forget about being harsh on my fellow Americans also as 5+ years is a long time to be out of circulation.

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  8. That last paragraph–so true with the little ones. My son is 20, but when he was here this past weekend, he and I had some nice cuddles. I can’t put him on my lap anymore, but I can wrap my arms around him, and he’s tall enough to kiss the top of my head:-)

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