The Balkans is often referred to as a barrel of gunpowder because of its constant tensions and turbulence, which is something you inherit from your parents, like high cholesterol, and something you leave behind when you kick the bucket. Unless you learn to swim in its tempestuous waters, you stand a higher chance of drowning. If you are from down there, rest assured you’ll live in times of disorder, commotion and unrest, no matter what generation you belong to.

We were sitting in a jet, cruising at some 30,000 ft (9,145 m) somewhere above the coastal mountains of a better tomorrow when we began to shake, rattle and roll again. For a brief moment, it smelled of hope. It seemed as if someone had turned off the engine and let us glide down gently onto the runway. However, a short period of peace and quiet after the 1996-1997 protests was…

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Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

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  1. The anxiety that I now feel has taken over. I need to find a dark room for a bit.

    The brilliance of the style that you chose to write this is unparalleled. Un-fucking-paralleled.

    I’ve got more…just no more words.

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  2. I too am running out of words to describe how powerful and wonderful and frightening your essay is. Thank you, B. Thank you for creating this testimony.

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  3. Ah, Bill, I knew you well. What a speaker; what a passion on your face for the plight of the common man. What a horse’s ass. Wagging the dog after shagging the stray, eh? Little changes. Far too little and far too slow.

    Is America balkanizing? The hate is palpable, the vitriol profound. How long before this powder keg ignites into violence in the streets. Will we yell at the opposition in a restaurant or at a gas station today, then start beating them in groups tomorrow? How thin is that line? I really wanna know.

    Thank you, Bojana, for continuing your brilliant tale. I don’t have time for tears, my fists are clenched. My resolve is rising. How in the world does one fight for peace? Can my cacophony lead to harmony? If I yell loud enough will we finally all talk quietly?

    I don’t know, I’m too young to figure it out yet. Ask again tomorrow, I’ll be wiser then.

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    1. Your cacophony is always meaningful, Tom. HIS by contrast isn’t. Despite it, people sleep on.
      We need to scream at the top of our lungs sometimes to be heard. Internet is a powerful weapon today. Try using it more purposefully.

      Life is said to be all about balance. Be kind, but don’t let people abuse you, trust but don’t let them fool you, be content but always strive for more. Try to improve yourself and the world you live in.

      I’ll keep asking you and you do the same when I forget.

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  4. “Despair comes later, when there’s peace and apparently nothing and nobody to fight.”
    And speechlessness comes after reading your incredible writing. That was, well, eye-opening, intensely moving, and stomach churning with the ride to say the least.x

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  5. I have two supposed facts which I’d like you to confirm or dismiss. I’ve saved these two pieces of info somewhere deep but have no idea where I got them.

    1. Is it true that at the time of the bombing Serbian TV aborted all content from NATO-countries except the film Wag the Dog which it aired daily?
    2. Is it true (if you’ve heard) that after losing a stealth, NATO argued: “We do deserts, we don’t do mountains.”

    I think this bombing was one of the biggest mistakes of history and only time will tell how big.

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    1. 1. You have to know I was at my parents’ in southern Serbia back then, which at the time had only RTS, 2 channels of national TV, meaning not much of a choice. I don’t recall them playing Wag the Dog, but there were partisan movies, tons of them, every single day. For more details, you’ll have to wait till Oct. I’ll have to do some research in the meantime, and reread my war journal. I haven’t touched it all this time….I’m curious too what I’ll find there.
      2. Never heard.

      Stay tuned and thanks for reading, Manja. It was a mistake, a terrible one…

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  6. I remember the anti-American protests in Athens at the time. Strange days for Greece too: can you hang out with NATO and still keep your Serbian friends?
    The Albanian immigrants who lived here had never felt very welcome and I guess those days less than ever.
    Skata, Bojana, but thanks for reminding me.

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