Gwen has the heart of a warrior. She is one of the best people I know, but unfortunately has had to handle the worst. Life has so often declared war on her, and yet she’s still fighting.
She is a young amputee but disability hasn’t been approved yet. Please reach out if you can help. Thank you.

Kintsukuroi Life

Desperate times call for desperate measures, no?

I haven’t had a paycheck in over a year and disability hasn’t been approved (everyone always asks) yet adulting is still a necessity like paying bills and fixing cars and paying for medical expenses insurance doesn’t cover. If you can help, that would be great. If you can’t, please pass it on anyway.

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45 thoughts on “Help”

    1. Me too. Both angry and sad. The thing is, it might happen some time in the future but who knows how long she’d have to wait. She’s been waiting too long already. She needs a new foot asap. Simple as that. She deserves a decent life.
      Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it.
      Make sure you check out her blog too. She’s an incredible writer too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I know the disability process too well. When I was applying and got the first call back, it even took me by surprise! I thought it’s got denied and I simply put it behind me. It’s today’s system but at the end it’ll be worth the wait. As long as all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, it’s an excruciating waiting game.

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    1. Initially someone connected somebody else’s information to my SSN. Took 9 months to figure it out. Then reapply but the incorrect info still shows somehow.

      If I could afford a lawyer that would be one thing but at the moment I can barely afford food. Physically, anything stressful is causing blood clotting so if I start fighting the system to get it fixed and get upset it’s literally life threatening. I have to choose what is most important today: healing my leg or fighting the system.

      Fighting the system does nothing for me if I clot to death in the process.

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      1. If I can provide you with any help, it would be to see who your social worker on the case is, get their name, continue to call them for updates on your case. Ask them what the hold up is, are there any documents missing, are there doctors signatures needed, do you need to see one of their doctors or physiologists. I had to do that during my process. Disability has their own doctors and often times even after providing your own doctors information, they still want you to visit their own.

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      2. Chiari- Part of the problem in this moment is that I’m at a hospital 800 miles from my home address; I can’t see the doctors there they’d assign me to see until I’m back there. If I apply here, where I’m not a resident, I start over at square one essentially and if I end up back home before things are done here than again I’m back to square one there.

        Nothing in my life is ever straightforward or easy. 😏

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      1. I was able to through in a little. I just shared it with a blogging directory I belong to and my FB page as she is currently in the same facility my brother was. Maybe these two things will resonate with some of the bloggers/ friends of my brothers…etc. When she first listed this, I was flat broke, my husband had just changed jobs but we were two weeks with no paycheck. Scary time. Now I can just pull from groceries, we planted a garden, I hope it helps somewhat.

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      1. Even knowing you’re trying to help me gain some momentum in all this from the other side of the planet brings a smile to my face and let’s me know I’m not alone. That is one of the most helpful things one person can do for another.

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  2. I know that here in the States it usually takes several years for a person to get approved for their Social Security Disability income to start just as it takes many years for a person to get their military disability. If a person doesn’t have a family with deep pockets that is willing to help, in many cases people die still on the waiting list. Have you tried to set up a “go fund me page”? I have heard of some people getting help with major issues through this program. I am sure that everyone who tries this program doesn’t always get the help they need but at least it is worth a try.

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