And now, the end (of National Poetry Month) is near
And so I face the final curtain (OK, not that final)
My friend(s), I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain

In the past month, I undertook a task of talking about the need to read poems regularly. I hope many of you who weren’t sure about your attitude to poetry and haven’t read much of it are catching up. Please note that it can seriously mess with your heart and brain and has an ability to alter moods, emotions and behaviors by changing your perceptions. If you notice signs of poetry cravings, and dependence, coupled with a loss of control over use, it means you have developed an addiction and (luckily) it’s probably too late to go back to the previous state. There’s no need to talk to your doctor or pharmacist though since this condition is permanent and with no known cure so far. As time goes by, you will find out that poetry overdose is one of the best things that has happened to you. The sooner you acknowledge you are chronically ill and start making the most of it, the better. I am an addict as well and you haven’t heard me complain, have you?

After talking about what poetry does to me and sharing some fabulous poets with you, I like to think I helped pass on a virus. I believe it has the power to open minds, and transform lives. It enables us to heal and grow. I wish that reading it became so second-nature to you that you forget to eat, and drink and that your heart skips a beat every time you do, like when we are in love. Mind you, if you get the urge to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to read (or write) it, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just trapped in love. For good. Welcome to the club.

Now, I would love to draw your attention to a couple of poets I love: astonishing Diana at Holistic Wayfarer: poems Age and losing you and prolific Lize Bard at Haiku out of Africa (picking one was way too hard so you’ll have to read all. I promise you’ll get hooked momentarily).

Let me finish with awe-inspiring Adrian Mitchell who btw often performed on mainstream national stages. He sang, whispered and shouted his poems in every place imaginable in a persistent attempt to persuade us to love our lives, our minds and bodies and fight against tyranny, oppression and exploitation. Mitchell ‘shifted English poetry from correctness and formality towards inclusiveness and political passion,’ as was written in his obituary. Like Blake, he believed that everything human was holy, and liked to think of himself as an optimist despite overwhelming negativity around us. He celebrated life as passionately as he attacked those who crushed it. Today I give you a serious peace monger and an instinctive democrat and two encouraging poems of his:



Arms trade workers, here’s an early warning
You might wake up tomorrow morning
And find that this is the glorious day
When all your jobs will just melt away
Because the people of the world are going to make sure
There’ll be no more, no more, no more war
So now’s the time to switch your occupation
From dealing in death and desolation
Don’t hang around now you’ve been told
The international murder trade’s about to fold
You won’t have to maim, you won’t have to kill,
You can use your brain and use your skill.
Peace needs workers of all kinds-
Make artificial limbs instead of landmines.
Tricycles instead of tridents,
Violins instead of violence,
Lifeboats, hospitals, medicine, drains,
Food and toys and buses and trains-
Come on, there’s plenty of work to be done
If we’re going to make peace for everyone.



look at your hands
your beautiful useful hands
you’re not an ape
you’re not a parrot
you’re not a slow loris
or a smart missile
you’re human

not british
not american
not israeli
not palestinian
you’re human

not catholic
not protestant
not muslim
not hindu
you’re human

we all start human
we end up human
human first
human last
we’re human
or we’re nothing

nothing but bombs
and poison gas
nothing but guns
and torturers
nothing but slaves
of Greed and War
if we’re not human

look at your body
with its amazing systems
of nerve-wires and blood canals
think about your mind
which can think about itself
and the whole universe
look at your face
which can freeze into horror
or melt into love
look at all that life
all that beauty
you’re human
they are human
we are human
let’s try to be human


Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin'

74 thoughts on “PRESCRIPTION POEMS (MY WAY)”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful statement, Bojana! I am clapping (with ?) my hands. Do not be angry with me, but as great the poem is, they will never end the war industries. Wars are the only way special groups are able to hold their positions inside the(world) community. Over the last years i got some horrible insights, here in Germany. Have a good week. Michael

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (clap your hands)
      You can’t make me angry, Michael. I know that myself. Wars are too profitable to ever end. Damn humans, that’s what we are. I see these poems as wake-up calls if we want to go on living on this planet.
      Happy Labor Day (which is another topic, but maybe some other time).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing some truly amazing poems! I actually do love poetry and have written so many over the years. The emotions that come from poetry is undeniable! The second poem you shared in this post was touching and so incredibly true! I do believe that we are all humans, no matter race, color, sexual orientation, religion, political preference, nothing matters besides the fact we are all human beings and deserve to be treated as that. You are a very intelligent and inspiring woman and I am thankful to read your posts and thoughts!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Good morning and Happy Sunday dear Bo. This article seems studded with interesting material and I scrolled it quickly. Unfortunately there are far too many football matches today that we can’t miss (including Real Madrid-Barcelona) and I don’t have the time to properly read and comment it. You understand, don’t you? First thing in the morning i will sit down with my mate amargo to enjoy the outstanding creation of your deliciously suave hand.
    Un baccione. A posto!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I recently got stuck on a train full of frantic FC Bayern and Real Madrid fans. We’ll never understand you, boys, but, as said earlier, we just can’t live without you. Come back to me soon, dear. You may enjoy your matches today. Baci. Arrivederci.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Good morning and thanks for this great article dear Bo. As I told you yesterday, after binging on live football games yesterday ( two from Italy, one from Spain, one from Uruguay and two from Argentina, for a total 12 hours viewing-marathon) I am sitting down now to read and write. You’re the first task of my day, and a beautiful one at that. Before I forget let me return the favor you did pointing to a typo in one of my latest posting. In this article there is a typo in line 6: “addition” instead of “addiction.” Don’t tell me I am wrong? Because women are usually right, even when they’re wrong, aren’t they? I do agree that a little poetry is very important bu we must agree that it is a little hard to find the time to sit calmly to read a poem in our hectic lifestyles.Thinking of you, I will make an effort to read these two, dear. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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    1. Thank you, dear. Corrected it. We like claiming we’re right, but only when you’re not. Un baccione, dottore, have a great day and do find some time for poetry. As I said recently, a poem a day takes a doctor away. And when you’re the doctor, one reason more to indulge more.


  5. Fabulous post and wonderful poetry. The second one is so true touched my heart. I’m glad I’m not alone with the having to sign in just to post a comment and I am unable to like any post. I don’t know what’s up with WordPress. Anyway I’m glad I got to comment amazing post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No idea, really. I see the button. Who knows.
      Thank you, Nancy, I’m happy to hear that one more person likes my beloved Adrian Mitchell. I dedicated whole month to poetry/him, so you can find more of his very engaged poems in my April posts.


  6. “The international murder trade’s about to fold
    You won’t have to maim, you won’t have to kill” Murder Trade , such a perfect term you have used for the so called wars fought by the brave men and women who never know ,what they are fighting for.

    Liked by 1 person

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