There are many ways to celebrate National Poetry Month. I have been doing it by spreading awareness of the importance and beauty of poetry in order to make more people read it. Hopefully, those who have just embarked on this journey will become mesmerized to that extent that they’ll need the daily intake (several servings for best results) as is the case with us serious poetry fans. Mind you, the number of portions and portion size may gradually increase since poetry is highly addictive. However, there’s no room for panic as several studies have shown that although increasing portion size boosts energy levels, there is NO causal relationship whatsoever between it and obesity, let alone a fatal outcome, which makes the whole process absolutely enjoyable and stress-free.

Once again, I would like to introduce you to another admirable poet whose use of imagery is impeccable and skill second to none: extraordinary Jane and her poems Walking with the Eagle , The silence in the woods and Images.

Up next, a challenge. You who had a chance to get to know me better know I don’t do award-related challenges any more, but since this one is different (and fun) and as I was nominated by my dear friends, people I’m irrevocably in love with and inspirational bloggers Alyssa (MS journey) and Susan and Wulf (poetry), I couldn’t say no. Let me remind you I’m a party breaker so I’m doing it on my own terms. You will get one quote only and I would be thrilled if you could add your favorite one in the comment section (everybody’s nominated). Mine is LOOSE LEAF POEM by brilliant Adrian Mitchell, which is something that resonates with me and can well serve as a quote:

My brain socialist
My heart anarchist
My eyes pacifist
My blood revolutionary

In the preface to his first volume, Poems (1964), he wrote: ‘Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people.’ Let’s not ignore poetry and read poems that do not ignore us. Today I give you a man who held a torch in darkening times and a poem very dear to my heart:



A Pacific Ocean —
A blue demi-globe.
Islands like punctuation marks.
A cruising airliner;
Passengers unwrapping pats of butter.
A hurricane arises,
Tosses the plane into the sea.
Five of them, flung onto an island beach,

Tom the reporter.
Susan the botanist.
Jim the high jump champion.
Bill the carpenter.
Mary the eccentric widow.

Tom the reporter sniffed out a stream of drinkable water.
Susan the botanist identified the banana tree.
Jim the high-jump champion jumped up and down and gave them each a bunch.
Bill the carpenter knocked up a table for their banana supper.
Mary the eccentric widow buried the banana skins, but only after they had asked her twice.

They all gathered sticks and lit a fire.
There was an incredible sunset.
Next morning they held a committee meeting.
Tom, Susan, Jim and Bill
Voted to make the best of things.
Mary, the eccentric widow, abstained.

Tom the reporter killed several dozen wild pigs.
Tanned their skins into parchment
And printed the Island News with the ink of squids.
Susan the botanist developed the new strains of banana
Which tasted of chocolate, beefsteak, peanut butter,
Chicken and boot polish.

Jim the high jump champion organized organized games
Which he always won easily.
Bill the carpenter constructed a wooden water wheel
And converted the water’s energy into electricity
Using iron ore from the hills, he constructed lamppost.
They all worried about Mary, the eccentric widow,
Her lack of confidence and her-
But there wasn’t time to coddle her.

The volcano erupted, but they dug a trench
And diverted the lava into the sea
Where it found a spectacular pier
They were attacked by the pirates but defeated them
With bamboo bazookas firing
Sea-urchins packed with home-made nitro-glycerin.

They gave the cannibals a dose of their own medicine
And survived an earthquake thanks to their skill in jumping.
Tom had been a court reporter
So he became a magistrate and solved disputes
Susan the Botanist established
A University which also served as a museum.
Jim the high-jump champion
Was put in charge of law enforcement-
Jumped on them when they were bad.
Bill the carpenter built himself a church,
Preached there every Sunday.

But Mary the eccentric widow…
Each evening she wandered down the island’s main street,
Past the Stock Exchange, the Houses of Parliament,
The prison and the arsenal.
Past the Prospero Souvenir Shop,
Past the Robert Louis Stevenson Movie Studios, past the Daniel Defoe Motel
She nervously wandered and sat on the end of the pier of lava,
Breathing heavily,
As if at a loss,
As if at a lover,
She opened her eyes wide
To the usual incredible sunset.

Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin' www.bloggingwithbojana.com

41 thoughts on “FEASTING ON POETRY”

  1. You do walk comfortably in the darkness, but there is also a brightness in you that is just as strong.

    Thank you so much for sharing and accepting our request. You definitely did it as only Bojana could! Wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I want so badly to discuss everything you write with you. I wish I could sit in a classroom and have a blog post a day lecture… I want to learn more and more! I want to ask questions but I don’t even know where to start. You are priceless. Excellent post as only you know how to do each and every-single-time… I need to go back and re-read your posts like a book I think. I know you have given me the information, I must now be a participant in processing it. Thank you dear Bojana! ~Kim

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Shoot Kim, you know I’m not good at receiving compliments. OK, let’s put it this way. I too want to learn each and every day of my life till the rest of my life. Not only am I capable of it, but I am also willing and ready. It’s a need (like food and air and water and love) besides being a choice.
      I said once I chose not to forget my past because it is mine, no matter what, and has shaped me into who I am today. Same thing with learning. I choose to find out more, then discuss and share it. Acquiring knowledge demands active participants, diligent people, discipline, inquisitiveness and determination. You have it too and there’s nb who can stop us from getting it.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Yes. You are right. I will always struggle with retention (head injury, car accident) but that won’t stop me from trying! Keep writing, and I will keep reading and participate in it! To the very best of my ability. I may ask many questions… sometimes the same one a few times… yikes. I just find you fascinating! ~Kim

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you, dear. I think we can all contribute whether by writing or sharing poetry. People should read it more.
      As for words, yes, they can make us happy, sad, make us laugh and cry. Words can even kill. Words are powerful.


  3. Absolutely love Jane’s poems. This post served me well. Loved the LOOSE LEAF POEM poem. I have never read Adrian. Thanks’s for the introduction – the two poems stood out for me. A heart-warming post! Thanks. 🙂 Yo!

    Liked by 1 person

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