I’m very sensitive to the injustices in the world and big guys bullying small ones. Some girls find it extra hot, but not this one. She needs to speak her mind although many wouldn’t like what she has to say. Oh well, she couldn’t care less because she has never liked going with the flow.



best friends dining breakfast leftovers
British black pudding
American baked beans, bacon and fried eggs from
countryside farms
dipping French toast into the yolk
food gets stuck in the back of their throats
a tedious repetition of ménage à trois

spinning the globe with their mouths full of
half-chewed food and cursing
dangerous countries glaring at them
a question rising like a tidal wave
where to eat out (this time)
who to fuck afterwards
somewhere far off, someone exotic
yes, we like exotic
checking out the list of the top global threats
up next
S…S…S…Serbia, no, been there
S…S…Siberia…nope, S… Syria, why the hell not
we’re mad enough

mad about the super modern research center in Damascus
and well-equipped storage facilities west of Homs
researching and storing something
an offensive to retaliate against
the suspected mass production of fog and
begin a sustained effort to make
them stop using everything banned, breathing including

today’s targets are pita bread
sprinkled with sesame seeds, spicy
chickpea salad, garlic
and lemon hummus, falafels
with fresh coriander leaves
kebab served with Aleppo pepper and
cookies filled with dates and pistachios
Big Daddy makes it abundantly clear all must go
we eat first, and discuss later

dinner goes like a bomb
can’t think on a full stomach
the world is looking at the satellite images of before and after
something turned into nothing
who wants to fuck with us now


Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

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76 thoughts on “A RESPONSE POEM”

  1. That was marvelous. The BMOC’s are getting bigger and menlier and it really ticks them off when all their toys are sitting around blowing up nothing. Why is NK getting to launch all those ballistics and we’re not!? S…S…Surely there is someone we can fuck? If … only … someone … would … release … some … banned … gas.

    When they do, we’ll blame someone!

    “Back home,” they laugh, “We’ll tell ’em there ain’t enough money for education raises! 😁😂🤣”


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    1. You just laugh Tom, you with your subversive texts (and me with this condescendingly jocular poem)…..we’re already demonstrating nuclear weapons capabilities. Where are you hiding that hydrogen bomb? In your fridge, behind beer cans?
      Don’t be surprised when Big Daddy starts implementing further sanctions and threatening to rain down “fire and fury” on you (ok, me too).

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      1. After this weekend, Big Daddy won’t need to come after me with fire or fury; I’ve already dropped the poison on myself.

        The revolution will continue, after I’ve recovered from my wife’s birthday weekend for a few days. 😉

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  2. Your writing is a rebellion, an uprising. It makes me angry, sad and uncomfortable. It is gorgeously unapologetic and fueled with an energy only you could give. You humble me and thrill me and make me want to read more…..please.

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  3. This was very unique. The poem starts with a bit of s vague backdrop, but slowly picks up pace and meaning. Packs enough fury to make anyone uncomfortable. 😊

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  4. Took me some time to figure it out, because I am not at all up to date with whatever is going on the world.
    This is insanely clever.
    You should publish this on something larger than wordpress.

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  5. Good morning my dearest Bojana and thanks for his nice poem. Even though I am not well versed in poetry I did like (for once) your rebellious-resentful sweet tirade against world injustice (in general) using the parody of a breakfast between friends ( were they watching CNN while munching?) Your mention of a supposedly typical American early meal made me nauseous because you rightly projected in your words the smell of greasiness of it all (sometimes including those that gorge on this type of fare…Have you ever had the surreal experience of watching some average Americans eat in a roadside diner?) However I must point out that I did not like the last line due to its ambiguity. Who are you referring too? The Americans that sent those missiles at dawn to knock out that tyrant’s horrible facilities? With all its defects, and there are quite a few, the dear old United States of America is the only country in the planet that cant take the initiative to defend the most unprotected citizens of the world, when it chooses to do it of course. History showed in Vietnam and Iraq that Uncle Sam can do just the opposite, but that is another story altogether. Let me remind you that the Dutch contingent that was protecting the Sbrenica residents withdrew after some nominal pressure form the rogue Serbs, which condemned hundreds of Bosnian men and children to a sure slaughter. But a well-trained platoon of U.S. Marines would have resisted to the last man. You can bet on that. Arrivederci!

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    1. Morning.
      Both the Americans and the E.U. could have prevented the whole Bosnia war, not only Srebrenica, make no mistake about it. They just didn’t give a damn. Let me remind you that the Dutch government was pronounced ‘partially liable’ for the massacre. The judge said the soldiers knew or should have known that people were in real danger.
      Do you know how the ‘Mothers of Srebrenica’ reacted to this sentence? – Oh the inhumanity of it all! In their opinion, the Dutch state should take its responsibility for their victims because they could have kept them safe on the Dutchbat compound.

      Thanks for reading my poem. As for your question, I was never in the States, which means I never saw an average American eat in a roadside diner. From how you described it, it seems I did a good job.
      The last line is deliberately ambiguous. I was sarcastic, of course. The bottom line is, who has the balls to mess with them after all they’ve done and having such power? I’ve left it to the reader to be the final judge.

      Good day to you, dottore.

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      1. AHHHHHH…What an excellent greeting and goodbye sentencing. Were you in a Brit boarding school dear? Thank you so much.
        This is the kind of enlightening discussion that we should have as adults (and friends) I did not know that the Dutch government was found “partially liable” but that doe snot make justice to the reality sur-le-champ: their soldiers, even though they were well trained, fed and compensated, acted like miserable cowards in Sbrenica. I also did not know that the “mothers” acted in such an opportunistic way, trying to exploit the deaths of their kin; but it does not diminish the terrible pain of losing their sons. I said it. Do you know why my relatives live in placid peace ( and sleep at night as a result) in the Veneto? Cause the sprawling American air force base at Aviano gives them peace of mind (even though a few of them do grudgingly criticize the yanks of course)
        Yes, you got the oftentimes repulsive “greasiness” of Middle America right on. But as my dear father Mario always taught us: the USA is a land of great contradictions , of bewildering chiaro-oscuri, of tragic events. But it is also still the greatest society the wold has ever known and I proudly assert it.
        Have a nice day (like they say with a smile here)

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      2. Btw, it’s Srebrenica (not Sbrenica…this way it almost sounds Serbian –SRB). I don’t see it like that, that the ‘mothers’ were exploiting the deaths of their husbands and children. They were seeking justice, liability on both Serbian and Dutch side. We acknowledged it. They however are still avoiding calling themselves responsible. Cowards indeed. So much for European Union’s fundamental values: democracy, respect for human dignity and human rights, and the rule of law. A bunch of hypocrites.

        Nth can ever diminish the pain of losing your kid, but I’m sure every parent would feel a bit better knowing that culprits have been punished.

        Have a nice day, dear, said with a smile, a sincere one, not the fake I was often getting in Toronto where I was many a time told how my gestures were too European and how I should show more enthusiasm in face-to-face chats. When I shared this with a Russian colleague, she said – if you waved your hands that much back home, you’d be considered cuckoo.


      3. My dear Bo, It”s just that in your sweet company I am becoming a little more Serbian too dear. Like it?
        By the way, fid you watch “La casa de papel” ( “Money heis”in English) where there are, not one, but two Serbian delinquents that are so endearing to women and men alike.
        Don’t be such a haughty German and watch this series, which is the biggest hit of Non-English programming in Netflix history. You’ll love it!

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      4. I forgot to tell you. I did start. It’s good. Then I stopped since my boy wants me in bed with him at 9. His wish is my command.
        Once this phase is over, I’ll get back to it.

        Did you watch that Almodóvar (or any other for that matter)? He’s always good.
        I love Spanish-speaking movies. We have a similar sense of very dark humor. Wild Tales is another good one (Relatos salvajes). Then, brilliant Alejandro Amenábar, Iñárritu (earlier movies, not the latest Hollywood crap), and ingenious Álex de la Iglesia.
        Are you impressed my dear?


  6. I hold off on commenting on your posts because I’m so incredibly guilty of being an under-informed American moron. I mean, I still am. Anyway, I enjoyed reading a poem that didn’t rhyme and was almost conversational. I’m going to have to give it another read after re-entering the world of current events and global politics, but this one was easy to appreciate. I wish I wrote poetry more often. Good on you!

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    1. You have plenty of politics on Tom’s blog so if you want to keep abreast of any changes in the political landscape, just check out his site (and our chats).
      For this one, just google Syria air strikes. That’s the current ‘war’ Big Daddy is waging.
      Your comments are always welcome, Justin. Make no mistake.

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  7. Very well done, Bojana. The breakfast is a great way to approach the subject, and then you turn it into wonderful imagery as they’re chewing their food and cursing at the same time! Great writing.

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  8. DAMN. Bojana.. I wasn’t aware of your poetic aesthetics. This read like a fly on the wall at a Dinner for Schmucks. It is topical, it is Bold, penetrating without side-stepping the harsh truth. A delicious sardonic palate!


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    1. Would you be surprised if I told you I wasn’t either? I write prose and love reading engaging poetry. Funny what challenges do to you. First I was challenged, now I’m challenging myself.
      Thanks A.G. It means a lot to me.


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