1. Be honest with others. (Gwen, I have to break the news to you. Warning: It’s upsetting. I HATE Jane Austen.)
  2. Stop kidding yourself. (You’ll never stop being bitchy and waking up grumpy.)
  3. Try not to overwork too often. (Your brain has every right to yell – Fire! (me.))
  4. Let yourself get distracted for a change. (You’ve done the hard part, i.e. staying focused. Now comes the easy one – losing focus.)
  5. Put off until tomorrow what you can do today. (It doesn’t make you lazy. You’re just on energy saving mode.)
  6. Don’t be such a perfectionist all the time. It’s soooo tiring. (Nobody’s perfect. Deal with it. Alternatively, close to perfect will do just fine. Find a shortcut, like you’re doing with annoying house chores.)
  7. Stop being a bad cop because someone has to. (Let others do it to introduce variety. You’ll find being a good cop much more fun with time and consequently less exhausting.)
  8. Don’t be like your mom, defending your kid when no one is attacking him.
  9. Be more like your dad. (Pretend you’re a good cop by neither attacking nor interfering. People will love you more.)
  10. Avoid the drama as much as possible. (I know it’s your favorite genre. Cool off! There are some pretty good comedies you don’t know of.)
  11. Try not to overthink and overcomplicate all the time. The basic idea is quite simple.
  12. Learn from mistakes for once in your life. (If you had, you could have been a rocket scientist by now.)
  13. Stop being so pig-headed. It doesn’t suit you. (I’m not stubborn. I’m right…When you start arguing and realize the other person’s right.)
  14. Think before you speak. There’s no rehab for stupidity.
  15. This one is such a cliché, but honestly, say I’m sorry and Thank you every now and then. It won’t kill you.
  16. Stay away from braggarts, one-uppers, soul-suckers, and no-no’s.
  17. Try to channel negative energy into something positive more often. (Drain the standing water away from the foundation of the house.)
  18. Stop blaming people for doing something, for not doing it or for doing it badly or wrongly (read: not according to your standards) and feeling guilty about it afterwards. (Isn’t it adorable when you blame everyone but yourself?!)
  19. Stop nagging. (You call it nagging. I call it – Listen to what I fucking said the first time.)
  20. Try to be optimistic at least once a week. (See the opportunity in every difficulty instead of difficulty in every opportunity.)
  21. Pamper yourself more. (For girls’ eyes only: Treat yourself with a spa day. Try aromatherapy. Have regular facials. Get your nails done by a pro. Schedule a full body massage TODAY. Soak in a hot bath ALONE.)
  22. Indulge in a treat you wouldn’t normally. (Celebrate your birthday for a change.)
  23. Try walking in someone else’s shoes. (This gives me an idea: a nurse, a stewardess, a maid? HM…I know at least one person who would know how to appreciate it.)
  24. Catch up on some lit. (2018 Essentials: The Price Of Inequality, Germania, The Tibetans, The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying, Why Marks Was Right, Capitalism: A Short History, The Deposition Of Father McGreevey, And The Weaker Suffer What They Must, Adults In The Room: My Battle With Europe’s Deep Establishment, No Is Not Enough.)
  25. Get back into meditation. (Allow yourself to mentally decompress.)
  26. Practice breathing exercises. (You’re tense.)
  27. Start working out again. (You’re a doer, not a procrastinator, remember? A moaning doer, but still a doer.)
  28. Get that Swim Pass already! (Stop using your kid as an excuse for everything.)
  29. Get offline, go to bed early (or earlier) and catch up on some much needed sleep. (That thing I did 20 years ago was really dumb!)
  30. Pamper your heart like your pamper your mind. (Open your eyes wider. Try actually being there.)
  31. Try not to hold a grudge too long. (Slash some tires and call it even.)
  32. Practice some self love. (Look in the mirror and say: What’s with the grim? It’s so ugly! Even mosquitoes find you unattractive.)
  33. Save yourself. Don’t be such a masochist. (Others are perfectly capable of cleaning up their messes and picking up where you’ve left off.)
  35. FIND TIME.


What’s been on your mind lately?


Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin'

126 thoughts on “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS”

  1. 8 and 9 are precisely my parents!
    The one I mostly relate to is 16. For too long I have pretended these people were my friends or friendly colleagues who were going to help me achieve something.
    I took all their bullshit and in the end I was the one with frustration.
    No more.
    I have banned a lot of people from my life. I heard I was an awful person.
    Fine. I sleep better without them in my life.

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    1. Cao draga, hvala na citanju i na komentarima.
      As for what you said, I can’t agree more. In our patriarchal Balkans, dads are said to be wearing the trousers, which is true for the outside world only for it is precisely the women who make crucial, often unpleasant, decisions. Besides, they are overprotective, which can be quite a drawback. That’s why lots of adults down there still live under the same roof with their folks and instead of making their own money get their parents’ allowance to meet their expenses and needs (read: coffee and cigarettes.)
      As for 16, same here. That was me at a young age. But, there comes a time when you need to grow up and set priorities. No, I don’t want to be surrounded by people who’re constantly competing with me, nor the ones who’re boasting about their amazing accomplishments. Smart and decent people don’t do that. Actions speak louder than words, right? I also don’t like permanently negative people. We all have our ups and downs, but c’mmon, wake up from that awful dream already.
      There’s one more category of people I don’t feel comfortable with, people with no sense of humor whatsoever.

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      1. Nema na cemu!

        It really is a culture thing. I remember my dad didn’t want to be seen cooking or cleaning whenever people would come around, but when it was just the four us, he was more active than my mum in such tasks.

        Actions are definitely louder than words. Sometime silence is louder than words too. Those who are more quiet are often more intelligent. I seek those 🙂

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      2. Exactly. I don’t think my dad would feel this kind of pressure, being ashamed and all. It’s just my mom never let him come near the kitchen. Even now, the moment he finishes eating, he just leaves the table. It always goes without saying that’s what women do.
        As for the latter one, agreed. You’ll read about it very soon (working on it). 🙂

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  2. Awesome!
    It’s definitely time to think about these new year’s resolutions…
    Maybe this year my mantra will be: let go – don’t give a shit of what people think – show up wathever the weather – be free – don’t take yourself seriously, jump!

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  3. Did you seriously just post my “to do list” on the internet? I’m kidding! and precoffee….but but that’s quite a long list you’ve made and it does feel like you picked my brain for several of them…Can I add another? Keep writing I love it. And coffee is on if you’d care for a cup. Gm my new friend 🙂

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      1. Ha! Don’t worry I’m not going to go round slashing tyres for revenge and say I was advised to 😉 But the baser instincts in me loved that idea! But you share some great reminders that we all need to look after ourselves, making us then more able to look after others. And which things in life really are important. It’s easy to lose sight of what matters 🙂

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      2. A satisfactory answer indeed.
        Yes, that’s the whole idea behind it. It’s not enough to simply put on a smile, hoping the world to smile back to you. I wish it were that simple. So we need to look deeper. The more we find out, the better we’ll be able to deal with what’s bothering us. Just like you said, look after both ourselves and others.

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  4. Great personal growth resolutions 👍 “Put off until tomorrow” is a great twist for your perfectionism.

    Number 7: This is what good moms do because we are the ones most responsible for our children, but you enjoy such beautiful moments with your son so. We moms give up always being fun so we can teach our children what they need to know

    Number 10 is my mantra! 😑🙏

    Number 30 is my favorite 🙌

    Number 32 is the one I think you need most (🙊 maybe I shouldn’t have said that ) and btw, what do mosquitos know 😆👍

    Such a well-thought out list, just what I expected from you, Bojana 😉…🤗😘

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    1. 7. I wasn’t referring to kids only here but generally. I’ll always clean up sb else’s messes and criticize them afterwards instead of letting them do the job. That’s the cost of honesty and perfectionism (read: lunacy). Sometimes you just have to let go or let others do the shitty part. I’m totally Linet from Desperate Housewives.
      10. Another drama queen. How swell.
      30./32 We often forget, right? Always thinking about other people and their needs first. What is it that I want? What makes ME happy?

      Thank you Aixa, I appreciate it enormously. Give my best to NY for me. NY in NY, how nice!

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      1. I am the same way with no. 7: I prefer to do these things myself because nobody does them as well as I can. I always end up washing dishes that other people already washed. I have the mania, too. (I’ve never watched Desperate Housewives, though)

        And no. 10: No way, I hate drama and I’ve always hated it, especially at work.

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      2. Exactly. And that’s a huge problem. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m still doing it. Hence the exhaustion and the grim. A friend told me recently-let them….It might not be as perfect as you’d do it or expect it but in the long run, it’s beneficial for everybody.
        As for 10, definitely not at work but at home….now we’re talking. 🙂
        DH is a must! You’ll love them. If you thought it was dumb and shallow, wrong! I think we can all relate.

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  5. Oh this is wonderful. I keep reading them and my favorites change after each read. I think what I like best is just effing honest and relatable this is or should be for so many people. I will come back to this post again and again.

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  6. That’s quite a list! I’m not sure if I made one that long I’d be able to remember them all … in fact, I think I only had five on mine and I can’t remember them all right now. 😂

    [I’ll shamelessly leave this right here so I can look at them in a bit to remind me what they are:

    I will say this, very briefly: I started exercising this morning again, I intend to get back into meditation, too, and OMG STIGLITZ! Great first choice; a long-time personal favorite of mine. Great book!

    Also, your parenthetical asides crack me up. 😎

    Good job, new friend!

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    1. Now, I can’t wait to start reading Stiglitz since YOU recommend it. And Tom knows good stuff, being a man of exquisite taste. Did you read Naomi Klein? The Shock Doctrine is a MUST!
      Thank you for your kind words (mark this one. I actually started thanking people already. Yay !!!) and mark the brackets too.
      No Tom, you crack me up, leaving your post link on MY post. You want to steal the show? No way, I’m running it.
      Now that I think of it, I did pretty much the same with Gwen (Gwen from No 1), saying sth like-Maybe this is gonna sound awfully pretentious but your link (leading to a comment of mine) is not working. So, just be my guest. You can use my blog for advertising. 🙂

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      1. Hahaha! Well, my link didn’t work right, did it? Ironically enough, after all these parenthetical references, the parenthesis at the end of my link broke my link! It should have been formatted thus:

        [ ] 😉

        And if that didn’t work, it’s just not meant to be. 😂

        Yes! I have read Klein! Another fabulous tome. But I must say, you have inspired me once again! I need to put together a reading list for the coming year. If it’s a good one, I’ll post it!

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  7. That’s a rockin’ list! You nailed quite a few I am considering, excercise (who isn’t), READING, celebrating where you are in life, yep, I’m gonna eat the birthday cake, and so many more… just remember – you can’t fix stupid! All the best to you! Happy Holidays!~Kim

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  8. #1~ Hahaha! I won’t hold it against you. 😘 She’s a love/hate author. There’s no middle ground or wishy-washy feelings when it comes to Jane.

    #10 (avoid drama)~ Is there a spray or charm I can wear that will make it avoids me too?!

    #11 (stop overthinking)~ Is she talking about me? What makes her think I’M over thinking things all the time?! Does she have spies?!? … Oh, yes, I see…

    #12 (learn already!)~ Maybe owning the lessons instead of completing them and letting it all drip out of my memory, and accepting things about myself instead of needing to be reminded. Maybe. It’s not like I’ve had that as… a… resolu… shit.

    #21 (pamper)~ I don’t understand this one. Someone please explain.

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    1. #1~ That’s true about Jane. It’s either…or. So I guess I belong to those who HATE here. Generally, I’m not really a fan of the Victorians, with the exception of C. Dickens, O. WILDE (My God), Tennyson, and the Brontë sisters.
      On the other hand, we share the same passion for the Renaissance, so I’m looking forward to discussing my views with you in the future. Make sure you consider the Romantics too. They rock.
      #10 (avoid drama)~ If there was such a spray, I’d be the first one to buy it. Large quantities, to ensure I have it till I see the inscription THE END.
      #11 (stop overthinking)~ Is she talking about me?… Definitely. I’m nothing like that.
      #12 (learn already!)~ Maybe owning the lessons… God you’re smart! How didn’t I think of it? I’m calling EPO (the European Patent Office) first thing in the morning. We’re gonna be rich, girl. What’s your equivalent in the States? We should definitely contact both.
      #21 (pamper)~ Someone please explain…Start wearing pampers.

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  9. After further and final review, George feels very strongly about these 3:

    11. Try not to overthink and overcomplicate all the time. The basic idea is quite simple.
    >do you have ANY idea who you are talking to?

    32. Practice some self love. (Look in the mirror and say: What’s with the grim? It’s so ugly! Even mosquitoes find you unattractive.)
    >either get your mind OUT of the gutter or get in there with me.

    33. Save yourself. Don’t be such a masochist. (Others are perfectly capable of cleaning up their messes and picking up where you’ve left off.)
    >uuuh….helloooooo empath/healer here…talk about need to let go sometimes

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    1. After further and final review, here comes my feedback. Actually, I had some guests at my place and we had one too many. I’m going through the comments just now and just love how people reacted. I saved you for the end Georgy.
      11. >do you have ANY idea who you are talking to? Of course, George Clooney. I think we sorted that out. What, you’re having an identity crisis now?
      32. >either get your mind OUT of the gutter or get in there with me.
      I don’t know what’s going on in your dirty mind, but this is obscene. Outrageous!
      What was your question again?
      33. >uuuh….helloooooo empath/healer here…talk about need to let go sometimes
      Thou art He, O my God. Thy name is my healing.

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  10. Bojana’s guide to self improvement? It’s quite a list, perhaps a bit daunting. Let’s see how the review after 1 month (or 1 day) goes. 🙂

    I read somewhere that New Year’s Resolutions are doomed to failure (related to biorhythms and the like). Apparently the best time to make resolutions is on your birthday. I’m practicing #5 right now – stopping blogging for a while. #19 – don’t nag me about it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  11. 14. Think before you speak. There’s no rehab for stupidity.

    Umm, amazing! Ha!

    Thanks for this list, they are great reminders and also new ways to think about things. I totally want to put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Savvy advice because sometimes all we need to do is sit down and fucking breathe, without pressuring ourselves to death, which is something I so often do. Cheers to an epic 2018!

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  12. A very inspiring list! “Pretend you’re a good cop by neither attacking nor interfering.” Neither attacking nor interfering, those words really stood out to me! It really strikes me as incredibly condescending when people do this to me in my life (no matter how good their intentions are, how much they want to “help”!). How terribly inept they always make me feel. It’s not really “helping” if no one asks for it! Amen!

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    1. Right. I don’t like when people cross the line and interfere too much, commenting on things that are none of their business, as much as I dislike the elephant in the room.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.


  13. Hooray, not a blog post that says going travelling once a year is their new year’s goal or even once a month because I mean not everyone can afford that luxury 😣 *Whispers and coughs* me 😛 Shame, I sound a bit sour so maybe I should go and put that on my list of new year’s resolutions list 😛 Lists are fun at least I think so 😊 When you mentioned about going to bed early then I raised my hand at being the guilty party because my online name is miss Intenet girl, so safe to say I’m online a lot and very late tweeting away or liking people’s pics in hope to get a like back 😛Guilty of sometimes doing that without even looking at the picture 🙈 Ah, I overshared a lot 😲 Think your blog is good in a way to vent 😛 Keep well!

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      1. Celle-ci Baci, la pire pour moi…
        Don’t be such a perfectionist all the time. It’s soooo tiring. (Nobody’s perfect. Deal with it. Alternatively, close to perfect will do just fine. Find a shortcut, like you’re doing with annoying house chores.)

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  14. Is this the post you meant? I admire you making so many resolutions or at least working out so many possible ways of making a cock up of the new year. I have one resolution—get warm. I notice you don’t mention that. It must be because you are not living like one of the handful of survivors of the apocalypse. You have a proper house with proper walls, roof, windows, electricity and suchlike. I don’t honestly give a flying fuck about resolutions. I’m in survival mode, basta. See you when I come out of hibernation 🙂

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      1. Great… Thanks for the info… 🙂
        Indeed it does…Everything is a journey…a journey within oneself to find the true journey of ourselves….only if we decide to walk down that lane… 🙂

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  15. Trekking the Australian outback,
    in deep drought right now. And where Wi-Fi is sparse
    as green grass. Booked to
    go Nepal and India in January.
    Unfortunately will not go to Tibet, my spiritual foster
    homeland, due to ethical
    (Chinese) reasons.

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