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It’s tea time. Let’s get you some tea with lemon and honey, darling. Yummy! Hand in hand, we walk to the kitchen, my son B. and me. He takes a sip from his bottle, puckering his lips. Shall we try the old sippy cup again? He shakes his head. For some reason, it never grew on him. He prefers the new one. But this time he wants the one I drink from. I take the lid off, giving him his plastic cup back. He’s holding it. I’m assisting. Smiling reassuringly, he takes a couple of sips but starts to cough. I tap his back gently as he throws the cup down, watching it hit the ground with a thud and roll across the kitchen floor.

He runs away. He wants me to chase him. We chase around. I run after him, hiding my face behind my hands and peeking out at him when he least expects it. I see you, Peekaboo.


Hide and seek, don’t you peek, count to 10, then we’ll see if you can’t find me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…He hides under the drying rack, nearly knocking it over. It startles me but luckily I’m close enough to catch it just in time. It’s potty time. I turn on the music – our Super Simple Songs. He loves them; mommy and daddy do too. While seated, he’ll play with his toy cups, nesting one colorful cup into another. He’s been sitting still for a quarter of an hour. The potty’s empty. The time’s not right. Later, in his diapers, where it’s nice and warm.

I’m hungry. I put the cheese spread on the cracker. B. wants some. He spits it out. I clean after him. I go back to chewing. He keeps looking at me with his big brown eyes, squealing like a bunny. Surprisingly (or not), this time he’ll eat it up. Would you like some jelly? Yuck! He puts his fingers in his mouth, wiping them against his newly washed T-shirt. Oops! I forgot the bib again and we’re short of hankies. I wipe his mouth with my hand. B. hates having his face wiped. He glares at me, his cheeks flushing. I take him by the hand, humming a nursery rhyme as we enter the bedroom. We take off his shirt together. He begins to fidget. He needs some cuddling. We share a moment. Closing my eyes, I sniff him as the mommy bear sniffs her cub. I love how he smells. I put my arms around him and cuddle him close. He’s warm and tender. I caress his head and kiss his neck. He opens his mouth wide as if for a bite. We’re overjoyed. We change his clothes and diapers; he cooperates.

Back in the kitchen, I’ll put away the dishes. What do you have in your mouth? B’s frowning, looking rather perplexed. His face changes all the colors of the rainbow. He runs into the living room and back into the kitchen. My hands are wet. I am putting my index and middle fingers inside his mouth, moving them around, feeling his teeth, his tongue and palate. Something tiny is stuck behind his lower central incisors. I take it out. It’s a chili pepper seed. A moment of recollection: I am eating dinner. I take a good bite of a red hot chilly paper; it’s so juicy that it bursts open. I see a small seed fall down. B’s sleeping. I’ll pick it up later…

I give him water and honey. It’s no use. Cookies. Jelly. More jelly. He sheds a tear. I tickle his stomach lightly. Though causing discomfort, he is smiling. A moment later, he opens his mouth as wide as he can and bursts into tears. Hey, hey, it’s ok baby. Everything’s gonna be ok. We’ve gone to great lengths to get that smile going. My positive mood is still on. It needs to be. He starts laughing. We’re good.

Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin'

58 thoughts on “JOURNAL OF A MOM – HOT & SOUR”

    1. Thanks K, glad you liked it.
      I normally write about gloomy stuff (with a bit of sarcasm; I have to laugh at myself and the world so as not to go crazy), so these occasional posts about my son are like a day-trip to the countryside. United with nature and at peace with oneself.
      Uncomplicated and unburdened. Unconditional. That’s why the language I use is so simple, almost child-life. I wanted to imitate this perfect simplicity which we forget as grown ups.
      I think it’s an amazing coincidence that I read your wonderful short story about your kid today. Moms understand each other on so many levels.
      Please let me share it with my ‘tribe.’

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  1. Such a simple string of moments shows the pure joy of having a child… So beautifully written, capturing an afternoon so typical but so special. You are a tremendous writer to convey this today and the other posts the previous weeks. You definitely deserve the “Lobster” award 😜😆😘

    Liked by 3 people

  2. It’s funny how you forget the routine. After a few though, it’s more like a factory production chain than noteworthy events. You wait until you get the one that eats the mosquito pastilles and stuffs beads into her brother’s ears…

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      1. Ah, now see, THIS is why I sent you a facebook request 😛 So I could message you there and not take over your entire blog feed. (I have messenger on my phone, so it’s portable. WordPress is only on my desktop for now. Enjoy your evening? I think it may actually be early morning for you. I am off to my future son in laws 25th bday party

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      2. when my daughter was younger, she stuck four of them up her nose, we thought she was having an asthma attack and rushed her to the emergency room before they started dissolving and running out of her nose pink. If you didn’t know they are like a tic tac sized candy….total heart attack and 40 new grey hairs for mom

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      1. My factory is long closed, we’ll have to get very creative here. I can be an adult and you treat me like a kid in public just for the laughs. Library, Museums, Theater, best of all outdoor eating events.
        However you will not have to deal with peppers, I can’t take the flame!!!!!!!!
        Why up so late my friend? A good book or writing your next post.
        I have three to write so it’s time. I have three new people of team to announce and featured Blogger for December to read last draft. I’t might help if I had some ground breaking work to post but crappy drugs give you crappy ideas.
        Write me an email when can and share with me what Christmas/Holidays are like is Serbia. I’m most curious person. Just not with my life.
        Let’s talk about your’s. 🙂

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  3. I just don’t know how you parents do it, I consider each one of you a hero, it isn’t easy at all. Also, I very much admire how beautifully you have captured your love of being a parent here. The reward, well, I can only imagine, but I know there isn’t anything that comes close to comparing. Keep on being great, Bojana! Lots of love and hugs to you.

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