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In my last post, I sort of started my body (i.e. brain and heart) scan. This is what my online self study showed.

BEST CASE SCENARIO (can’t get better than this):

My body language says I’m a super observant. I hate banality; therefore, I tend to add zest to monotonous work or try to avoid irksome, dull, and arduous aspects of life.

According to the Internet, I might have a vaginal problem (you don’t say?) or need to pee quite often (hence shielding myself).

I am talkative, open, sincere, humorous, creative, and laid-back. I love to entertain. I’m an extrovert (read: an outgoing, friendly and socially confident person, energized by being around other people).

Moreover, I’m action-oriented and efficient (never a procrastinator). I’m a decision-maker, a good communicator and negotiator. I deal with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. I love rules, thrive on certainty, and ache for security.

My slips of the tongue (and of the pen), along with my misreading and mishearing (or selective hearing), occur more often when I’m tired, anxious, tipsy or stressed out (not comforting at all).

I repeatedly moisten my lips because: my mouth and lips dry up quickly, I’m dehydrated, I have been using bad cosmetics or I misplace my lip balm all the time so I keep licking them (bad girl). What is more, dryness is making my skin itchy; hence the scratching. Maybe I should listen to the tip given by beauty/skin experts and ‘smear some (manuka if possible) honey to the lips and let it sit for 10 minutes’ (manuka??? – look it up later).

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I’m a lax hair-twirler (not a fretful nail-biter). I twirl my hair to relieve stress and when relaxing. I do it when reading, watching TV, inside, outside, when alone or in a group, whenever.

I’m the Female Alpha, its good side being that I love to be the leader. I don’t only practice it in my home (which isn’t really a plus), but also in the business environment. When female alphas are gone, ‘either conversation stops completely or the group disperses.’ This just had the baking powder/soda effect. What a confidence booster!

OK folks, these were the PROS. You’d better stick around for the CONS NEXT TIME. Hang on, bumpy road ahead.

Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

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    1. I did a research of my body language, at least of the things I’m aware of, like the way I frequently hold my head, what I often do with my hands and so on, what I do when standing, what when seated. Then, I’d read articles on how psychology sees it. E.g. what is common to the people who fidget, shield themselves, look away, cross their legs/arms etc. Some of the things are positive, some quite negative. For some things only one interpretation keeps repeating, For others, there’s more than one.
      Did you by any chance watch-Lie to me?
      Experts can unmistakably tell when we’re lying or hiding sth. based on what we do with our body. I’ve always found it intriguing.

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      1. No, it’s the best kept secret. 🙂
        The thing is, I haven’t saved a single link. Besides, it lasted over a period of time.
        I recall simply googling things I often do, the ones I’m conscious of, like-blinking, scratching my nose, stroking my hair, touching my ears, raising my eyebrows, crossing my arms and legs and so on.
        What do these gestures represent? How common are they? Are there similarities among people who share them? What does psychology say about them, what are the positive and what the negative aspects, etc.
        Can we make generalizations at all or not always?
        If this interests you, make sure you you check my ‘letters to a shrink/friend’. They might give you a clue to what I’ve noticed about my body language.
        There are dozens of online articles, psycho-tests and studies on the subject.
        Just dig in and let me know about the outcome.

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  1. Bonsoir,
    Mais dis-moi, j’essai de comprendre ce que tu écris et pour cela j’aimerais en connaître un peu plus sur toi.
    Tu es d’origine Anglaise ? Ton prénom, ton âge ce que tu fais dans la vie…
    Si cela n’est pas possible, ce n’est pas grave du tout, je comprends tout à fait.
    Ceci afin d’être dans le bon wagon lorsque tu écris un article, façon de parler mais ça m’aide à analyser la situation et comprendre mon interlocuteur.
    J’espére que je ne t’ai pas dérangé avec ce post.
    Bon weekend

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    1. Salut.
      Pas du tout.

      Je ne suis pas d’origine anglaise. J’ai étudié l’anglais et vécu au Canada. J’enseigne et traduis.
      Je viens de Serbie et je suis maintenant en Allemagne. J’ai 40 ans. Tu as
      tout dans mes articles précédents.

      J’ai été psychanalysé par quelqu’un que j’aime. J’ai été jugé. Nous ne parlons pas en ce moment. Donc, j’essaie de me comprendre ce qui s’est passé, était-ce entièrement de ma faute, etc. Je souffre. Et j’avais l’habitude de rire beaucoup. C’est pourquoi mes articles sont si sinistres.

      Comprend-toi mieux maintenant?

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      1. Vivre en Allemagne est un défi. Travailler (et ne pas travailler) est un défi. Maintenir une relation après 15 ans de mariage
        est un défi. Entretenir des amities est un défi. Avoir un bébé est un défi.
        Le monde d’aujourd’hui est un défi.

        Trop compliqué? Ou pas vraiment? Je suis en voyage. J’ai besoin de ça pour continuer ma vie.

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  2. Fascinating!! It scares the hell out me what I would find out about myself. I mean, I already know that I am a peculiar person, but to receive confirmation is something I might not be ready for. Thanks for sharing, I found this so incredibly interesting. Already can’t wait to hear the rest.

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