THE ART OF BEING HONEST (a letter to a friend/shrink, part 1)

Hey there,

You know I haven’t been myself lately. Anyway, I’ve been going through a process of introspection and self-analysis, hoping to get some answers so if you don’t mind me asking:

What do you think about my family pathologies, my life choices, my sarcasm, skepticism, and escapism? Did you figure out what my weak points are? What’s your opinion of my perfectionism, impatience, impulsiveness, being a workaholic, pride (and prejudice), selfishness, managerial competence (or shall we say being a bossy bitch), my pragmatism, nagging and moaning?  Why do I find it hard to accept a compliment? Why do I prefer giving to getting presents? What do you know about my moodiness? Do you believe I’ve always been straightforward or you can tell I’ve been holding something back? Do you think there’s something I’ve been ashamed of or not comfortable talking about?


Now, what actually really interests me here is my non-verbal behavior – my body language and my gestures, the way I sit, lean, stand, move my arms, hands, legs, feet, then my facial expressions, the way I dress, the colors I choose, the makeup I wear (or my “I’m too lazy to bother putting it on and taking it off” look of the day) and similar stuff. What do you think of my handshake? How do you read my eye-contact (How long can I maintain it? Do I avoid it and when?) Do I look up? Do I look down? Do I look away? Do I roll my eyes (a lot)? Do I blink? Do I wink? Do I stay focused when we talk? How expressive is my face: my eyes, my eyebrows, and my mouth? (The curves of our lips do rewrite history, Oscar.) What does my frown suggest?  Do I fidget, blush and/or sweat? (I know I do). What do my slips of the tongue show?

How successfully do I deal with anger-related issues? How do I handle pain? How much has the sister thing changed me? How often do I smile? (Have I forgotten how to?) What do I look like when I’m afraid, anxious, hurt or disgusted? Am I demanding? Am I supportive? Am I forgiving? Am I vain?

How do you know I find something annoying, scary, tedious or bewildering without my putting it into words? How do you know anything unless I verbalize it? Do you know it because you’re a shrink (=a good listener) or because you’re simply perceptive and intuitive? How come some people fail to notice things without me being explicit? How is it possible that they’ve known me all my life and yet know me so little?

Am I truly happy? Do I strike you as a satisfied person? Would you be surprised if I told you I wasn’t entirely?

Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin'

22 thoughts on “THE ART OF BEING HONEST (a letter to a friend/shrink, part 1)”

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by.
      As for your comment, that’s precisely the problem, you see. Some people very close to me dared (if I may say) to comment things that were none of their business. I don’t always like things I see either nor do I necessarily approve of their choices and decisions. Still, it would be completely irresponsible of me to judge them. I may offer them advice, I may express my opinion, but judging them or abandoning them is not what I do. I often tend to say-it we commented on every single thing we find less appealing with our family and friends (to put it mildly), none of these relationships would have the slightest chance of surviving. Therefore, I chose to be tactful.
      You know what I mean?

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  1. Bonjour,
    Il ne faut pas que ton travail en devienne une drogue au risque de te couper du monde. Trouve la bonne alternative entre ce monde professionnel qui est pour toi un exutoire permanent et “ton toi”, “la personne”, qui doit certainement cacher au fond d’elle-même encore pleins de ressources non explorées, non exploitée !
    Bon weekend

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      1. Tu es sur une très bonne voie puisque tu en as conscience. En tout cas, tu as un blog super intéressant !
        Prends soin de toi et à très bientôt je l’espére.

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