WHO AM I AND WHAT I AM DOING HERE…in this world (too metaphysical for the wee hours), this very city in this very country (are there coincidences or things happen for a reason – too deterministic), this big bed for that matter (gee, too particular)?

Honestly, what am I doing here, suddenly being flooded with dozens of thoughts, a rush of emotions and an unstoppable urge to get out of bed, take an empty notebook and write? What about? Don’t know yet. Where am I going with this? No idea, but I’ll share it with you when I get there.

Now, after experiencing this light bulb moment and grabbing a blank notebook, I’m back in bed. No, I don’t sleep with a laptop (only a tablet) and it’s only later that I’ll transfer this to the white paper on my computer thus taking the first step toward joining the community of bloggers on the web. So, before opening a small book with ruled pages, I turn it around and upside down, inspecting it thoroughly and touching its covers. Then, I put it under my nose and smell it. It has that irresistible new book smell.  Something just stuck me, something I’ve read on the Internet. There’s a perfume called Paper Passion which makes you smell like a freshly printed book. A fragrance specially designed for serious bookworms. Cool, isn’t it?

Can we judge a book by its odor?

Author: Blogging_with_Bojana

I'm diggin' Need to grow, have to push Flicking through vinyl and feeding the rush I dig for that one and I open the haunt It's takin' all day from the back to the front I'm diggin' and diggin' You know Sorry baby I'm gone diggin' www.bloggingwithbojana.com

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